A shout out to my Clampers

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It’s been a crazy week and I haven’t had time to give a shout out to my Clampers. The ECV held their monthly meeting at Johnny’s last Thursday and they were fantastic. My son Allen; a Clamper since his step-daddy brought him in about thirteen years ago, was diligent in insisting that a meeting be held at Johnny’s. We are San Benito County’s only official watering hole and have a Wino Willie, ECV-erected monument on our patio.

The meeting was scheduled for six o’clock but by five the bar was full of red and black wearing brothers. The E Clampus Vitus organization, which dates back to the early 1800’s, once maintained a prominent place in society. They made it their duty to take care of dead gold miner’s widows and orphans and they continue to erect historical monuments all over California to this day. The only requirement for joining this raucous drinking club is that you be brought in by another Clamper and that you survive the initiation, which has been toned down considerably according to the old timers. If the rumors I hear about the initiations are of a more moderate nature I can only imagine what they used to entail. My husband Tommy will not entirely divulge the buffoonery he suffered to this day.

At Johnny’s we are blessed with a wonderful clientele of regular customers, all kinds of bikers, from weekend riders to our famous Boozefighters, and the ECV brothers and Widders, as the ladies are called. I can no longer include myself in the last category because part of my husband’s journey to sobriety included altering his social circle to consist of likeminded people. Don’t get me wrong. I know there are sober Clampers out there that still enjoy a doin’s but they are a huge minority.

The brothers wanted a corned beef and cabbage meal which was great because it is one of the meals we are famous for. What we are not famous for, and I am totally embarrassed about, is running out of food. My cook Rey, a Clamper himself, cooked nine briskets with all of the fixings and we should have had plenty. The mistake had to be on the part of the server, which was me, for doling out a little too much on the plates. Allen to the rescue, he ran next door to the wonderful Mexican restaurant and bought some burritos. The guys were wonderful about it and as I repeatedly apologized they told me not to worry because they were fine. “Satisfactory” would be better word.

They were a wonderful bunch and they all had a great time. When I recounted the evening to my husband the next morning I found myself saying, “When it comes to drinking those Clampers hit it hard and hit it fast.” The look on his face suggested he thought I’d lost my mind and he said, “Seriously, like I didn’t know that?” I chuckled as I realized the absurdity of what I had just said to my husband. He’s been sober for seven and a half years but he will never forget the time he spent with his Clamper brothers. At least not the ones he was upright for. Passed out under a van or propped up against a tree do not count.

So a huge thank you goes out to all of my Clamper pals that made it a great night at Johnny’s. We all want to know, when are you coming back?


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    Party on brothers

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