Independence_Rally+Hollister2If you look up blessed in the dictionary, there’s a picture of me. Along with the blessing of the return of our motorcycle rally and the launch of my book, comes a boat load of work. I’ll confess I’m not sleeping well lately because the wheels won’t stop spinning. It takes forever to get to sleep and then a darn hot flash wakes me up and there go the wheels again. I’m trying hard not to be whiny about it, but I often catch myself going on about how much I have to do. My bartender Annie, who always says just what she’s thinking, has been telling me that I look tired a lot lately. I’ve noticed it too when I look in the mirror. I keep thinking I forgot to put on my blush or my eye shadow but the truth is I’m just worn out. So tonight I’m taking three P.M. aspirin at seven o’clock and hoping to go to sleep by nine and stay that way until seven tomorrow morning. It will be quite a feat but I’m hopeful. I’m trying hard to let go and let God and believe it or not, for me I’m doing pretty well. The old me, would have had a heart attack by now. Not having everything absolutely under control drove me to insanity. If you want to read some great examples of what a raving red-headed nut I was, check out my book at I’m looking for kitchen, bar back and security help for the rally weekend. Feel free to email or send me a message on Facebook if you are interested.


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