Eric Tognazzini will be dearly missed

On May 21, 2011, in Local People, by Charisse

We have lost many loved ones and each heartbreak leads us to ask, will we ever be same without them? The loss of Eric Tognazzini is indescribable to the Johnny’s family. He has been a part of the woodwork since I bought the place sixteen and half years ago and I’m sure even long before then.

He sat in the bar amongst the dust and the noise as we tore open walls and remodeled before we officially got our doors opened. He rode his bicycle to Johnny’s back in those days and we were always thrilled to see his smiling face. I believe it was the end of February or the beginning of March that first year when he told me that his birthday was June 1st. He reminded me about once every two weeks and by the time his birthday was in the two week stretch he told us daily. We had a grand fiesta in his honor and it began a tradition that lasted for sixteen years.

As time went on he stopped reminding me and with all of my other obligations; and the onset of menopause, I almost missed a few. For his fifty fifth birthday we hired a hot tamale that was going to strip down to a bathing suit and fuss over him, which we knew would tickle him to no end. When the stripper failed to show up our some of his favorite girls; which included most of the bartending staff, and I did a little dance around him. We rubbed his head and kissed his cheeks and he squealed with delight. I think he relished our little show more than he would have enjoyed a hot skinny stranger.

Eric loved being the center of attention and on his birthday he always was. I’m happy to say that the Johnny’s crew and clientele always made Eric a part of our family. We will miss him more than I can say and I assure you that his memory, his spirit, and the many Eric stories will linger on at Johnny’s forever. Our condolences go out to his entire family and especially to Kurt who cared for his brother in a way that many of us could only aspire to. We will be planning a special day to honor Eric at Johnny’s so look for the announcement on Facebook and at our website


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