Everyone Gets It, Except Three Council Members

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Even the local phone book features the motorcycle rally.

Even the local phone book features the motorcycle rally.

Hollister’s claim to fame and the thing that makes us a tourist destination is our motorcycle rally. Our place in history as the Birthplace of the American Biker is the only thing that distinguishes us from any other suburb in the United States. Everyone gets it, except three council members. Even the folks that put out our local phone book have embraced our heritage and have a great picture of bikers on the cover of their 2016-2017 issue.

I’m sure after this year’s successful rally and the exemplary job done by our own Police Chief Dave Westrick and his team, as well as Roadshow Promotions, folks are assuming the 2017 70th anniversary rally is a given. I certainly thought so, but sadly I was wrong. To read the whole story, check out my editorial in the Hollister Freelance Newspaper. I think I need to stay more on top of the news because the August 17th issue blew my mind. It seems that three council members are still waffling on whether to have a rally next year. I won’t go into details here because the folks at the Freelance were nice enough to run my article and I’d rather you read it there.

I will ask that all Hollister Motorcycle Rally enthusiasts call, email and even write to the three Hollister City Council members that just don’t get it. All of the hotels that got upwards of $250.00 a night with a three-night minimum should really be making some noise. The rally issue has been wreaking havoc with council members since 1996 and it’s getting real old. The 1947 “Hollister Riots” put us on the map. We are the Birthplace of the American Biker. Our wineries and chocolate factories are fabulous, but they aren’t the reason that hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have made the trek to Hollister.

One page of my guestbook contains signatures from Sweden, Germany and Australia. I have signatures and notes from people from all 52 states in my guest books. I’ll gladly bring them to our waffling council members for a look any time. People coming from other countries plan their vacations at least a year in advance. People from other states plan way ahead too. So, council members Gomez, Luna and Klauer, please come to your senses and sanction the 2017 70th anniversary rally now. Just as in 1997 people are coming in droves. Let’s have a great time prepared for them, and give our small town economy the boost that it needs. Other suburban towns would love to have our history so that they could throw the party and welcome hundreds of thousands of people to their community. Let’s get the plans moving forward now. Not three or four months from now. It’s absolutely absurd to put it off.

Please share and comment on the editorial in the Freelance Newspaper to spread the news.

6 Responses to Everyone Gets It, Except Three Council Members

  1. Linda says:

    As a resident of San Benito county, I for one would love to continue having the biker rally every year. Don’t understand what the problem is. Money is being made for this county. Who wouldn’t want that. I look forward to it every year.

  2. kathy Maldonado says:

    Remove them what’s wrong with them look at San Juan they always have something going and we can’t have a biker rally once a year

    • Charisse says:

      I wish it were that easy. Mickie Luna and Karson Klauer are not up for reelection until 2018. Victor Gomez is running for a third term this year. Send an email to victor.gomez@hollister.ca.gov and tell him you’d like him to stand behind his vote to sanction the rally for ten years if he wants your vote. If he hears from enough Hollister residents he might keep his word. Bombard his inbox people.

  3. Daniel corral Jr says:

    The biker on life magazine in 1947 will be at the rally next year.

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