The 2015 motorcycle rally will be awesome!

The 2015 motorcycle rally will be awesome!

At Johnny’s yesterday, I had the privilege of hosting a luncheon for Chuck Swartz (Convexx president), seven members of the Convexx family, Councilman Ray Friend, and Hollister Downtown Association President Ray Pierce.Chuck invited everyone from the morning meeting to join him and we were thrilled and honored to have the business.

I said the Convexx family because it was apparent that is exactly what they are, a working family. Chuck’s wife and daughter are a part of the team, but the other members who are not blood related very easily could have been. Seth Doulton is also a team member, and his firsthand knowledge of our rally will surely be a huge asset to Convexx. I truly believe, had he been given the reasonable law enforcement budget that Police Chief Dave Westrick has given rally promoters, his efforts would have been successful and our rally would not have experienced a four year hiatus.

Councilman Friend told me that Chuck was well prepared to cover all questions levied at him and had solutions to all issues and concerns brought up by Chief Westrick, council members and the HDA. He was very impressed with the professionalism of Convexx, as was I when I first met Chuck in August. I knew then that Convexx was the promotional company that could take our rally to the level of success it has always been worthy of.

Chuck came to Hollister the first time in August with his sales manager Penny Osiecki and his merchandise wizard Dave Parscal. I’ll admit I was afraid that an agreement would not be made before Chuck threw his arms up in frustration. As always, the City of Hollister stretched out the process way past the point of being reasonable. Sorry council, the truth sometimes hurts. The important thing is an agreement was made, and the Hollister Downtown Association has teamed up with the most professional promoter this city has ever known.

Big name entertainment is being lined up and the pre-purchase 2015 rally package promises to be full of great items. Chuck sells over 6,000 of them for BikeFest in Vegas. The Photo Towers are coming back and plans for events around the city are in the future for our rally. Simply put, these guys know what they are doing, and I could not be more thrilled. We will see our rally become what I have always said it had the potential to be, the Sturgis of the West Coast. Heck, we may even leave them in the dust. Maybe the Hollister Freedom Rally will have a TV program on the Travel Channel. You can never think too big. If we build it they will come.

2 Responses to Hollister Freedom Rally 2015 Promises to be Great

  1. joe blow says:

    Well that is so sweet, but does anyone really think that there will be a successfully rally (in terms of attendance) when it is 5 and a half months away and you are still dealing with the early stages of planning, politicians patting each other on the back, and nothing put in concrete but the date. These thing need to be ready to go for the next year almost as soon as the current one has finished. There is still no schedule and or even promotional/advertising out on this thing. instead of talking about how great folks are maybe you should involve some thinkers and planners in this or this rally will be doomed to repeat history.

    • Charisse says:

      To our Negative Nellie Joe Blow, I’d like to say neener, neerner. The rally was fantastic and promises to get even better with Convexx at the helm. I waited to reply and approve this comment until the rally was over because I knew it would be great.

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