The unanimous vote to bring back our Hollister Motorcycle Rally still has me awe-stricken. I knew a yes vote was eminent but I couldn’t have dreamed of the meeting going as well as it did. I’m so excited I could burst. Those who know me are aware that I never stopped fighting for or believing that we would one day have a rally again.  Mike Corbin of Corbin Pacific Inc., the renowned motorcycle seat builder introduced Mark Cresswell from Worldwide Dynamics Inc. to pro-rally councilmen Ray Friend and Robbie Scattini months ago and the dream started taking shape.  Mark is the glue that will hold this event together and make it a huge success. His years in the industry and the connections that go along with them, will make this the best rally ever. The Team spirit supporting the event, from the city to law enforcement and the San Benito County Chamber of Commerce is like nothing we have ever seen. New Chamber President, Debbie Taylor’s experience and enthusiasm is what we’ve always needed and I look forward to working with her. Thank you Chief Westrick, Clint Quilter, new mayor Ignacio Valaquez and the entire city council. The decision is one that you are sure to be proud of.

The rally will be held Friday July 5th and Saturday July 6th. And YES, YES, YES, the motorcycles will be back on San Benito Street. Hallelujah!


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  1. Escondidosred says:

    I’ve done Daytona and Sturgis, twice….I’ve been looking forward to the Return of Hollister so I can attend the birthplace of the american biker….we’ll be ridin in from the southern tip of Texas. Hold a couple beers on ice for us…we’ll see you there

  2. Joe Delgado says:

    Great NEWS!!! Hollister needs the economic activity the Rally brings. If Sturgis can do it, why can’t we?

  3. I grew up in Salinas,and have really great friends that I know would love to be there on their Harleys!

  4. louie says:

    Thats awesome news. Im sure it will be better than years past. We dont want another over blown vender fair. Going to book my room in a few months!

  5. Johnny says:

    Will Bolado Park be open for camping????

    • Barbara says:

      Good Luck on Booking Hotel / Motel rooms guys … Unless you have been there or want to pay over 150. per night !! Better call around or book online soon !!!

      • Charisse says:

        I’m glad you pointed that out Barbara. I’ve heard that the hotels are filling fast and some of the prices I heard blew me away. Get your rooms now and if you have a friend in Hollister with a good size yard bring a tent. Bolado park will be offering camping and for many that may be the best way to go.

  6. Martin Cabrera says:

    Thank you, to whoever and wherever you are for all your hard work in making this happen. It took longer than expected, but in the long run the revenue lost far out weighed any other issues that may have arisen…..Thanks again!!!

    Martin Cabrera
    Freedom isn’t Free!!

  7. Francisco Salcido says:

    I love this Rally! And especially your establishment! I’ve been to Hollister even when the M/C Rally was cancelled. Just to ride in the Top Hatters Poker run! Great to see that the rally is coming back! I just hope the streets are open and they let you park on the street and not a “PARKING AREA”. See you then!

  8. Toni says:

    I was thrilled when I first got the press release about the RETURN of Hollister!! It was my favorite rally, and I was there every year!! One year I even won the $500 High Hand at the Top Hatters Poker Run!!! Paid for my new Corbin seat that year, plus my trip! I’ve lived in So. Calif. all my life … until I moved to Arizona in 2011 … BUT I WILL BE IN HOLLISTER again this JULY!! And YES, YES, YES … I’m thrilled that the bikes will be BACK on San Benito Street …. Man, I had a lengthy discussion with that “Promoter” the year he turned the Rally into a flea market ….. I said, Dude!!! What the heck are you doing!!!? He offered me free tickets to park my bike on a side street in the “VIP” section that they were gonna charge $25 for … I said, “Why the heck are you charging $25 dollars for people to park on a SIDE STREET…. when they used to be able to park on the MAIN DRAG FOR FREE!? NO, I said … I don’t want your “free” VIP passes …. NO WAY.

    Anyway …. I will be there this year!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

  9. Mark Brene says:

    Great. The bikes back on main street. I talked to some guy named Seth who was promoting the Hollister Rally a few years back. I told him he was going to ruin the rally by having bikes park on the side street, out of the sight of people (I guess I was right). I mentioned to him, “You don’t have a rock concert and put the band off in some corner and have the T-shirt vendors on the Main Stage” Anyway, I will be returning to Hollister this year now that Seth is gone and we can park back on San Benito Street.

    • Charisse says:

      Seth was doing his best to keep the chief happy and get law enforcement costs down. Thankfully we have a new chief with a positive attitude and things will be so much better. This will be the best rally since 2005, the last time the bikes were on main street. We look forward to seeing you.

  10. test says:

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    • Charisse says:

      I’m glad I could be of help but if it wern’t for the help of my web guy I’d lose my mind.

      • LEE SIMMS says:

        Cat this is Lee I meet you at the Boozefighters spring Nationial in Reno ( had breakfeast with you and Dago) I look forward see you next week Rolling in Friday night. It will be my first time at Johnny’s Can’t wait!

  11. Dave says:

    Will be there. One more M/C trip to check off the “Bucket List” now it’s official again.
    “Support those who make this possible !”

  12. Maria says:

    I’m so ready to take that long trip, be nice to see family in Hollister and friends..Originally from Hollister and now in Las Vegas. I missed Laughlin but now ready for Hollister Biker Rally.

  13. Kenny Burk says:

    Looking for some old friends of mine whom may have gone on the run.
    I should have been in Gettysburg shooting at Yankees.

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