The Hollister Motorcycle Rally has been back in play for two years. The revival was made possible because our new Police Chief, Dave Westrick, got behind it. He brought the cost of law enforcement way down, but it continues to be a challenge because of the Fourth of July holiday overtime costs. The idea is being kicked around to move the rally out one week, therefore saving a bunch of money in law enforcement costs, (not to mention it will make it a lot easier for the Chief to find officers for the job).

The last time Hollister attempted this was in 2008 and there were lots of complaints. “We’re celebrating what happened on the Fourth of July weekend in 1947,” they said. “The rally needs to be on the Fourth of July weekend.” A lot has changed since then in the economy as well as the biker world. A lot of riders want to spend the holiday with their families. Now nobody freak out. This is not something that will be implemented without a thorough examination of the repercussions as well as the rewards.

This is a discussion. Chief Westrick wants to see the rally grow and thrive and when I asked him if I could post a poll about changing the rally date on Johnny’s Facebook and my Johnny’s Bar & Grill website he said, “I think that’s a fantastic idea.” Oh, how I love working with Dave Westrick. He is truly a people person and he embraces the use of social media with zeal.

So, we’re asking all of you rally faithfuls to weigh in please. We want to know if you would be more or less likely to attend the Hollister Motorcycle Rally if it were moved to the weekend after the Fourth of July. Please share this post with all of your friends because we want lots of feedback. It’s your rally. The powers-that-be know they can’t please everyone, but they’d like to see as many happy people as possible. Thanks for your input.


24 Responses to Hollister Motorcycle Rally Lovers – Please Respond

  1. Rich says:

    If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! Leave the traditional Fourth of July weekend “Independence Day Rally” alone! I had a great time at the rally and it’s cheaper than Sturgis. Bolado Park needs more activities and vendors like they had in years past.

  2. Martha Chapman says:

    I’m OK either way. A lot easier to travel on a non- holiday weekend.

  3. JT says:

    A week one way or the other is no big deal,

  4. Chuck says:

    4th of July weekend. The American biker was born on July 4th weekend, not when it was fiscally convenient for politicians. The real bikers will keep coming on the 4th if they move it, but you’ll probably still fill the town with posers whenever it happens.

    There’s absolutely no need for overtime if they schedule appropriately, but instead Westrick is obviously starting down the road paved by his predecessor and treating the rally as a get-rich-quick opportunity for any LEO within 100 miles who wants to clock some extra hours. Schedule the officers you NEED vs the ones you CAN and don’t schedule their hours as overtime. Business 101.

    • Charisse says:

      Dave Westrick is doing a wonderful job. He is a great chief and committed to the success of our rally. Have you been to the rally since he took over as chief? Not only are there less officers, they have a much better attitude than in the past. He pays his officers who work on the 4th what he is required by California law to pay them. Stop by Hollister and shake his hand. He’s a great guy.

  5. Mike Schurig says:

    I like the rally during 4th of July weekend, but if it was moved to another Friday-Sunday around that weekend I would still enjoy it and attend. Moving it sooner or later by one week might have people stay longer in town and in the area which may bring more income to Hollister businesses.

  6. Vickey says:

    Keep July 4th since 1947 same as sturgis south datoka rally date many years …Don’t let stranger make Hollister Rally down and don’t change date ,too
    Keep Hollister Rally on july 4th

  7. m Byrne says:


  8. m Byrne says:

    do not change the dates…..

  9. Max says:

    I am all for keeping the rally going and if it means changing a date and moving it to make it profitable for all involved then we all should all agree to make a change. We are a small community that rely on certain things to help us and this would be one.

  10. elda vargas says:

    It would make it a lot easier attend the rally if it was not on 4th of July, or that weekend.

  11. Chris "Shotgun" Anderson says:

    I love the Hollister Rally.

  12. Stan Wisniewski says:

    If your going to celebrate some thing do it on the date it happened. You don’t celebrate a fantastic event on different day. Plus you might not get as many people since people don’t have a lot of time off. My club was there in the beginning 13 Rebels MC.

  13. Jeff "Joker" Thompson says:

    More likely to come the week after
    the 4th I want to spend with my family

  14. JD Vuilleumier says:

    One week later’s ok for me!

  15. Kelly says:

    Moving the date should make for a more sustainable rally. It makes sense on many levels.

  16. Robert says:

    Visited Hollister for the first time from south Texas in 2013…I planned my roadtrip around the rally. If it were a week earlier or later…wouldnt keep me from coming back. Enjoyed the city, people and Bikers and its Law Enforcement. Keep it Going!

  17. Carl says:

    When I was a kid we celebrated Washington and Lincoln birthday on February 12 and 22. Now that that has changed to a stupid Presidents Day I think we ought to change all holidays to a Monday. That’s including Christmas, New Years Day, Thankgiving, Fourth of July, Veterans Day. 9/11 Memorial. Everybody’s birthday should be celebrated on the closest Monday Halloween, Stinko hold the Mayo including Election Day inauguration day. Sounds stupid, yeah it is! Hollister’s commemoration of the 4th of July 1947 should be held on the 4th of July or not at all. Not on some other weekend.
    In 1997 in a letter to the Freelance I refered to the inhabitants of Hollister of behaving like a bunch of Inbred Rednecks and nothing has changed that opinion.

    • Charisse says:

      Such hostility Carl. I’m sorry you have such negative feelings about our townspeople. I love Hollister and have many wonderful friends here that would not enjoy being called Inbred Rednecks any more than I do so I will not be sharing your opinion.

  18. Carl says:

    You only commented on the second paragraph which is the answer to justifying the stupidity of changing the 4th of July commemoration of that July 4th in 1947. And I didn’t even mention the rumors about Johnnys being for sale for one million bucks or the rumored irregularities in your request that people donate to repair the bar you run in the building you don’t own.

    • Charisse says:

      Carl, Rumors are just that, rumors. It would be great if I could sell Johnny’s for a million dollars but I can assure you that will never happen. I have been upfront about wanting to move on with my writing career and get out of the bar business. I would sell to the right person for a reasonable price. It wouldn’t be someone that didn’t care about Johnny’s place in history or the community at any price. There were no irregularities in my request for help through a Kickstarter campaign to refurbish the bar. People did help me and I made many improvements to the inside of the bar. My landlord is not responcable improvements that I made. If you have decided that you don’t like Hollister, Johnny’s or me there is nothing that I can do change that. I wish you the best in your endeavors and hope you are happy where ever you live. God bless

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