Preparing for the rally.

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The return of our rally is less than five months away. Working on the publication of my book as well as preparing for the resurrected motorcycle rally is daunting but exciting. Whether it’s my affiliation to the Hollister Motorcycle Rally Committee in 2007 or my unrelenting plea to the city to bring the rally back, prospective vendors and non-profits wanting to know how to get their foot in the door continue to leave messages at the bar, in my email or on my cell phone. I’ll be clear, what goes on at Johnny’s is the only thing I have any say about during the rally.

Mark Cresswell of Worldwide Dynamics is in charge of the whole kit and caboodle. He is the event manager working with the City of Hollister to put on the best darn rally we’ve ever had. I’ve spent a lot of time with him and I believe that is exactly what he’ll do. The unity between him, the city council, our local chamber of commerce and, hallelujah, law enforcement is like nothing I have ever witnessed. The past rallies are just that, in the past. It is a new day with new players in the game. Let’s put all the old baggage where it belongs, in the trash.

Mark’s job is to handle this rally well, so that we continue to have rallies for decades to come. I am confident in and fully behind him. He has the knowhow and the associations in the industry that make him the perfect man for the job.

I went online myself to and found the vendor application easy to read, understand, and download. There are approximately 200 vendor spaces available in many sizes and price ranges. Needless to say the first ones to apply and pay for their spaces will receive the cream-of-the-crop locations.

Interested nonprofit organizations are directed to the San Benito County Chamber of Commerce for booth space. The chamber is working on getting rally information up on its site as we speak, but for now Debbie Taylor is taking all not-for-profit inquiries. This rally is designed to keep as much money as possible in our county and local non-profits will have many opportunities to make money for their causes. Organizations from as far as San Diego have called Mark looking for a free booth. The booths are not free; many costs including security have got to be covered. With more than 100 nonprofits in San Benito County I’d say, out-of- town organizations need not apply.

I had my issues and complaints about the way Chief Miller handled law enforcement during the event in the past and I voiced them loudly. I don’t know where his fears and prejudices toward bikers originated, I only know that to him they were real and he acted accordingly. The chief has retired. I believe that our interim chiefs’ Carlos Reynoso and Dave Westrick bring a new mind-set towards the event that will surely be evident in the way it’s handled. Once again, the past is the past. The future is bright and the possibilities are endless.

I’ll keep you all posted as details unfold and all the information you could possibly need is at Thanks for your time and I’ll see you soon, Charisse Tyson


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  1. Robin Silverstein says:

    I wish to attend the event, but actually would like to work for the event.
    Any ideas?

    Thank you.

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