The favorite OMG with onion rings.

The favorite OMG with onion rings.

Well folks, the nutty things that make us shake our heads in disbelief are happening at Johnny’s Bar & Grill again. I hired Christian Barrera, a longtime friend and customer to run our kitchen. He has a wonderful reputation as a great cook and I’ve tried to snag him twice before. It just wasn’t in God’s timing, I guess, and it didn’t work out.

The timing was finally right, he came on board, and after one day in the kitchen his hernia burst. This might sound like a really bad thing to some but the truth of the matter is, if it were going to happen, there couldn’t have been a better time. Trish is healthy enough to help us out right now and with the holidays coming; she could really use the money. She can cover for Christian while he gets well, and he can start his new job in a week or two without worrying that his pesky hernia may flare up some day at the worst time (like during the motorcycle rally).


Chicken and caramelized onion salad with Balsamic dressing.

Chicken and caramelized onion salad with Balsamic dressing.

Christian and Trish spent yesterday in the kitchen together and she said he just took the reins and ran with them. We both think he will be the creative and talented cook Johnny’s needs to put our lunches back on the map. We’ve always been known for our great burgers and steaks, but I look forward to some awesome specials that bring Guy Fieri back for more than a beer with friends on the way to Hollister Hills.

With the lunch business slowing to a crawl, (something many of our restaurants downtown have experienced) I closed the kitchen on Mondays. It broke my heart because Johnny’s Bar & Grill has served breakfast and lunch six days a week for nineteen years. Not only have many disappointed customers complained, but Tommy and I hate the fact that we can’t get a meal on Mondays. With that said, I’m considering opening the restaurant back up on Mondays. I can’t do it if it doesn’t pay to be open. I’m not talking about making a killing. I just want to sell enough food to cover my costs. So if you would like to see us open the kitchen back up on Mondays let us know by Liking this post on Facebook and Tweeting it too. If we get 300 Likes by November 21st we’ll open the kitchen again on Mondays starting on November 24th.
Let’s get going folks and let us know what you think. God bless, The Johnny’s Bar & Grill Staff.

We cook burgers your way at Johnny's. Wouldn't you like one of these on a Monday afternoon?

We cook burgers your way at Johnny’s. Wouldn’t you like one of these on a Monday afternoon?

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