Cakes for blogBefore sharing the news of the exciting things to come at Johnny’s I’d like to apologize to any of my customers who were turned away for breakfast in the past two weeks. My last cook was a wee bit full of himself and made his own rules while my back was turned. Our new bartender, who knew no better, went along with whatever he said. I am appalled by his audacity and thankful that when he couldn’t have his way he left our kitchen. I was in Dallas at the time but am told that he threw quite a fit. I am mortified that customers witnessed it. Again, please except my apology.

As my cook saga continues I feel like I’m reliving the ‘As the Kitchen Turns,’ chapter of my memoir. It refers to a time frame in 2006 that about sent me over the edge. Strangely enough, the cook that saved the day and put an end to that chapter of my life wound up contributing to the one I have been embroiled in for the past four months. Jonny (aka Cakes) is like a son to me and has remained important to the Johnny’s family. He is your typical Sanguine personality type, which simply put means – life is a party. He is a wonderful chef, fast and very personable. However, he could be a lot more responsible. The fun around the corner keeps him from sticking with the task at hand. With that said, many faithful lunch customers and the entire Johnny’s staff are thrilled to have him back in the kitchen. We are all praying that our prodigal son who is returning for the fourth time will make us proud.

We are shaking off the past and looking forward to a bright future. I will be initiating a Kickstarter program in November to fund a Johnny’s face lift. I’m very excited about sprucing up the old place and am confident that it will give our lunch business a boost. Cakes and I are working on a new menu that will include the house favorites (burgers and steak sandwiches) but hope to add new items that will appeal to our customers. I’ve heard that Happy Dogs left a void in the tummies of many and we are searching for the finest dogs and buns that will qualify us as the best place to go for one in Hollister.

We would be thrilled to get your input about the new menu. You can send messages via our website at, visit our Facebook page or even send an anonymous text through the talktothemanage app at 831-621-5263. Also feel free to let us know what you think when you are at Johnny’s enjoying a meal. We look forward to hearing from you.


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