We turned the 49er Nutcracker upside down in a show of protest.

We turned the 49er Nutcracker upside down in a show of protest.

Johnny’s is a 49er Faithful bar. My husband, Tommy, is a third generation San Franciscan. My mother was born in San Francisco. Despite being born a little further north myself, some of my most cherished childhood memories spring from the time that I lived in San Francisco. I have lots of reasons to be a 49er fan. It’s always bothered me that when a 49er fan suggests that the ref needs glasses we get called forty-whiners. It’s as if we are the only fans that complain about bad calls. Bad calls are made all the time. However, it sometimes can appear as if one team is getting an extra portion.

Sunday’s 49er game did have a couple of questionable calls. It was the blatant disregard for the rules by my very own 49er’s though, that brought on the penalties that angered me the most. Many hailed yellow flags from all directions. I wanted to slap Anquan Bolin when he head-butted Tony Jefferson. There I go talking violence. Is it contagious?

Anquan told the press that bad calls cost the 49ers the game. It was the good call the ref made on his buffoonery that cost us a first down, and very possibly the game? He complained that he told the ref three times that Jefferson had been taking shots at him during the game. I wasn’t on the field. I don’t have a clue what these guys go through out there. I just know that our players’ lack of self-control lately has been costly, even to the point of costing us the game. Excuse me, but I think a guy making $6,000,000.00 a year should learn to hold his darn temper.

It’s usually the silver and black on the other side of the bay that ranks at the top of the most penalized team list. Guess who tops the chart now? Has Harbaugh lost control of his team? I watched Anquan scream in his face. Excuse me pal, that is your coach. Where is your respect? I think way too many NFL players think they are above it all. Above their coaches, the law, and anyone or anything that tells them what to do. They make way too much money for their own good and have no clue how to act. Gone are the Joe Montanas and Jerry Rices of the NFL. Now we have a bunch of undisciplined spoiled brats out on the field.

Players are being arrested for atrocities like first-degree murder and assault. It’s a good thing Ray Rice’s punch to his fiancées face was caught on tape. I’m still shocked it didn’t get swept under the rug. There is no debating the facts in this case. Furthermore, there is no debating whether Rice should have received the indefinite suspension from the NFL. Now the debate is do we need a new president of the National Football League? I say, “Yes we do.” A good customer at the bar said there was some talk of giving Condeleezza Rice the job. I think she’d be excellent. She’d govern the league with no nonsense regulations that required these guys to behave themselves or find a new line of employment. Respect your uniform or hand it over, I say.

The NFL needs to man up and send a message. The players are in the public eye and our kids look up to them. Start firing the lawless players and taking away those multi-million dollar salaries. It shouldn’t matter how great of a player they are or how much the league thinks it needs them. They are giving the NFL a huge black eye. It’s time to say enough is enough. You want the big bucks, live up to some standards, preferably higher standards.

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